Thursday, March 17, 2011

To help you think dramatically

I've struggled to find examples of dramatic monologues that I consider good examples of the genre. If you know of some, let me know and I'll post them. Until then, I'm providing some links to one of my friend's blogs, the proprietor over at (the photo to the left is a nod to the blog's sponsor). Each of these links includes a creative retelling of a biblical story. Patrick has a true gift for bringing the biblical stories to life. Reading his work might inspire you to do the same.

The Chronicles of Shamgar - The tale of an obscur Old Testament character.

The diary of Hagar the Egyptian - giving dignity and voice to an often overlooked woman in the Old Testament.

Give Me a Drink: Inside an Awkward Conversation with Jesus - Giving us an inside look at the Woman-at-the-Well's conversation with Jesus.

Apostles' Court! (A Play in One Act) - A creative retelling of Acts 19:13-20.

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