Monday, April 2, 2012

Easter Sermons from Sam Wells and Adam Hamilton

Need some Easter inspiration? Here are two very different kinds of sermons that both communicate the Easter message. I, of course, don't advocating plagiarizing these sermons. Preach your own sermon, but sometimes a phrase or sentence from another sermon will help get the creative juices flowing. I was struck by Sam Well's phrase, "safely dead." That's an evocative image. What things might we assume are "safely dead" that we'd rather not see resurrected?

If you use something from these sermons in your own, be sure to give these guys credit.

Sam Wells, "Rolling Stones," Preached at Duke Chapter on Easter Sunday, April 24, 2011.  The sermon starts at 34:11 and runs for 18 minutes.

Adam Hamilton, "Easter: The Resurrection," preached at Church of the Resurrection on Easter Sunday, April 24,2011.

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