Monday, March 21, 2011

Illustration-a-day: It's remarkable what people will drink when they are dying of thirst

Three weeks ago, Water for All missionaries from our own church traveled out into one of the driest, barren places in the country of Uganda. There they met with villagers whose bodies and souls bore the scars of decades of war. While the wars have ceased, the needs have not. Families in the area constantly struggle to acquire the most basic of necessities, clean water. This need for water not only shapes their daily routines – they sometimes walk miles simply to fill up their jugs with water – but it has formed their identity. The name of this village when translated into English? Thirsty.

While all of us have been thirsty from time to time, few of us have experienced that kind of thirst that brings one to the edge of death. When I first saw the photo that showed the mud hole these families use for their daily water supply I almost became sick to my stomach. We who have never lacked for water for probably a few hours likely could never bring ourselves to take a sip from that nauseating pool. I was reminded once more that it’s remarkable what a person will drink who’s dying of thirst.

With in just a few days, our missionaries helped the people drill a new well in the little village of Thirsty, Uganda. After two days of work, clean water began to flow and the people where so excited they gathered together and gave the village a new name which when translated into English means, “Place where the waters run.”

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