Friday, March 11, 2011

Are you a preacher who blogs?

Do you have a blog on preaching? Are you a preacher who blogs? Leave a comment below with your blog's address. I'll check it out and if I like it, I'll add you to the blog roll.

No need to worry about if we're the same kind/tribe/style of preacher. I like hearing and learning from all types.

Grace and peace - The Short Preacher

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  1. Hey Taylor:
    David Werst here. I've played golf with you a few times with J.B.

    A really good blog I am aware of is Cowboy Campfire by pastor Kevin Weatherby. Kevin is in transition right now moving to Kiowa, Colorado from the hinterlands of Coyonosa out near Fort Stockton where he was Pastor of Pecos County Cowboy Church. J.B. has known Kevin since his days at Big Lake....

    Kevin's wife Christie has a funny facebook page called 'The Bad Preacher's wife'

    We enjoy your tweets and your blog as well out here in Sherwood.