Friday, March 25, 2011

Five minute preaching tune-up.

I've read a lot of preaching books. I've listened to a lot of classroom discussions on preaching. Truth be told, I've forgotten most of it. You might be able to, but I just can't hold all that good information (and most of it is good!) in my head. So good ideas that I once had while reading or listening to some mentor in the faith never get applied. Instead, I keep doing the same things over and over again, things that are comfortable, things that are safe, things that I can do without thinking.

Enter the Preaching Points podcast from Gordon-Conwell's Center for Preaching. Found in the ItunesU section of Itunes, these weekly 4-6 minute segments, often by Haddon Robinson, give you one idea to think about. One idea, not twenty, not ten, not even five. One. That I can work with . . . this week. I listen on the way to a hospital visit, or while I'm waiting for an appointment, or while I'm staring at a blank page wondering when the words will start to come.

It's a resource that's helped me. It might help you. It only takes five minutes to find out.

What are some of the resources you've found helpful in keeping the basics of preaching fresh in your mind?


  1. The same principle of always practicing in a manageable way is made in the excellent book "improvisation" by Sam Wells.
    Although it is topically not directly relevant to preaching, particulary from a technical point of view, the surprisingly simple Christian principles he lays out are very powerful when applied to sermons. If anyone does happen to read this little book, follow up and Listen to his sermons (iTunes podcast- Duke chapel) and you can hear him applying the same simple principles over and over. I can imagine they are embedded in his Christian practice every day. Ive found this interpretation of Christian Ethics extremely refreshing.

  2. Anon - thanks for the comment and the recommendation. I haven't read Well's book or listened to him before. I'll have to check him out.