Wednesday, February 29, 2012

"Holy Hutzpah" by Ben Patterson

Ben Patterson Sermon from FPC Kingwood on Vimeo.

There are two ways in which a text can be difficult. One is that it's simply difficult to understand. It's complex. It doesn't make sense. Other passages are difficult for the opposite reason, they are easy to understand, we just don't like what they have to say. In both cases, the temptation for the preacher is to make text easier, smoother, more palatable.

I like this sermon from Ben Patterson because he allows a difficult text to remain difficult. He doesn't smooth over the sharp edges, which in the end, keeps the text connected to our own rough experiences with life and with God. The Mark Galli book he references (Jesus Mean and Wild) is a good one for reminding us of the difficult sayings of Jesus. My favorite quote from the sermon, "If you've not met God as one who opposes you, you've not met God."

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